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Well I guess the news is already out, HelloInbox is bought by Unified Inbox. I’m so proud of the achievements we have made and the acknowledgements of that.

What does it feel like to sell your company and become part of another? Kind of weird, but also good. It is a major milestone in the life cycle of your company, and a great one to celebrate. You join a team that has been working at very similar problems as you are, but from a different angle. New blood to help you achieve your goal: building a company with lasting impact. Also giving up control, surrendering your CEO title. Well let me tell you, it is all worth it. Being able to concentrate more on product and achieve more with a larger team beats running your own shop hands down. Let’s see where the new collaboration is going!

I have become part of the mobile team at Unified Inbox as an advisor, and will continue working on Mobtest.