I’m mentioned in Wired article about hackatons

February 19, 2012

Well, I like hackathons. Fortunately in Silicon Valley there are a lot of them. Organized by small organisations just for fun or big organisations to push stuff nobody wants. Highly unstructured just sitting together and socialize to structured days (and nights!) to reach an end goal that can be judged by a panel. For just the honor, or big prices.

I like them for these reasons:

  • meet fellow hackers (and designers) and be inspired by them
  • learn from your fellow hackers
  • work on different projects than your current business you have already poured months in with many more to come
  • try out cool new technologies you haven’t used before

The one hackathon I have been to already 2 times and will go to again is BeMyApp. It is around mobile apps (iOS, Android) and highly structured. On Friday idea people pitch their concept, best ones are picked. Saturday and Sunday hacking with a panel at the end. So last time I happened by wind up in the team of a Wired correspondent, Steven Leckart. He was there to write a story about hackathons. So now the story is out. It’s a great article and not only because I am prominently featured. Read it, it has an awesome overview of all hackathons going on.

And next week there is a new BeMyApp weekend, and I will be hanging out again. So see you there!



Dirk de Kok